So this is where you learn what you can and can't do! - please follow these rules........

Rules update

1. No griefing.

2. No spam killing.

3. No hacking.

4. Please keep your builds appropriate.

5. Respect all players.

6. Please limit swearing. keep it pg-13.

7. Dont share personal info! (age, location, etc.)

8. Please don’t cause drama!

9. Please don’t discuss any political or religious topics.

10. Please don’t try to abuse any loop holes or try to cheat the system.

11. Don’t be toxic.

12. Do not attempt to bypass a ban by using an Alt account.

13. You are NOT allowed to exit the borders of the map!

14. Listen to staff

15. Don't bully people, this is ban

16. Most of all we are all here to have fun so lets all be nice!

!NOTE! If you Won't Play the server in 1 month or more, you will get an "Inactive" role, And if you with the Inactive role still won't start to play on the server you will get kicked from both discord and In-Game (It does not count if you just join and do nothing). and it does not matter if you are active on discord or not. We done this system because we need Players and not people that join for nothing. If you are in the Staff Team you will not get the inactive role or kick out! - Thanks